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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Druda  Abt 1455,,Germany I775 Offenberg 
2 elisabeth  Abt 1420,,Germany I773 Offenberg 
3 Baay,_de Joannes  Abt 1730,,Germany I653 Offenberg 
4 Berges,_van Johanna  Abt 1675,,Germany I106 Offenberg 
5 Bierman Johannes  ,,Germany I624 Offenberg 
6 Biermann Clara  Abt 1850,,Germany I783 Offenberg 
7 Brands Johanna  Abt 1705,,Germany I109 Offenberg 
8 Conraeds Catharina elisabeth  Abt 1760,,Germany I747 Offenberg 
9 Eskotte Marie Josephine  1743,,Germany I741 Offenberg 
10 Holscher Catharina  Abt 1790,,Germany I751 Offenberg 
11 Holscher Franz  Aft 1790,,Germany I755 Offenberg 
12 Holscher Joan Caspar  Abt 1760,,Germany I746 Offenberg 
13 Korkweg Anna Margaretha  22 Jan 1675,,Germany I699 Offenberg 
14 Korkweg Heinrich  Bef 1654,,Germany I702 Offenberg 
15 Lueb Carl Leopold  ,,Germany I778 Offenberg 
16 Lueb Gerard  Abt 1820,,Germany I630 Offenberg 
17 Lueb Leopold  1849,,Germany I782 Offenberg 
18 Lueb Theodor  22 Dec 1810,,Germany I780 Offenberg 
19 Lueb Theodora  11 Apr 1844,,Germany I595 Offenberg 
20 Neuhaus Catharina elisabeth  9 Jul 1785,,Germany I729 Offenberg 
21 Neuhaus Clara Catharina Wilhelmine  25 Nov 1783,,Germany I728 Offenberg 
22 Neuhaus Franz Arnold joseph  7 Apr 1781,,Germany I726 Offenberg 
23 Neuhaus Gerhard Wilhelm  Abt 1750,,Germany I724 Offenberg 
24 Neuhaus Heinrich Anton Albert  15 Apr 1782,,Germany I727 Offenberg 
25 Neuhaus Theodor Heinrich  17 Sep 1779,,Germany I725 Offenberg 
26 Offenberch,_van Derrick  1540,,Germany I584 Offenberg 
27 Offenberch,_van Dietrich  1480,,Germany I586 Offenberg 
28 Offenberch,_van Henrik  Abt 1480,,Germany I588 Offenberg 
29 Offenberch,_van Jutta  1480,,Germany I587 Offenberg 
30 Offenberg Anthonius  30 Apr 1800,,Germany I124 Offenberg 
31 Offenberg Antonius  6 Mar 1797,,Germany I123 Offenberg 
32 Offenberg elisabeth  Aft 1660,,Germany I606 Offenberg 
33 Offenberg Jacobus  Aft 1660,,Germany I604 Offenberg 
34 Offenberg Joannes  Aft 1660,,Germany I605 Offenberg 
35 Offenberg Maria Louisa Stephanie  24 Dec 1867,,Germany I675 Offenberg 
36 Offenberg Phillipus  Bef 1790,,Germany I602 Offenberg 
37 Offenberg wilhelmina  15 Jun 1790,,Germany I121 Offenberg 
38 Offenberg,_van Gerrit  Abt 1510,,Germany I585 Offenberg 
39 Offenberg,_van Heinrich  Abt 1575,,Germany I583 Offenberg 
40 Offenbergen,_van Johann  Abt 1450,,Germany I774 Offenberg 
41 Offenbergh Albert Anton  26 Jul 1732,,Germany I731 Offenberg 
42 Offenbergh Albert Heinrich  31 Aug 1742,,Germany I737 Offenberg 
43 Offenbergh Anna Maria Catharina  9 Dec 1736,,Germany I734 Offenberg 
44 Offenbergh Bernard  Aft 1790,,Germany I765 Offenberg 
45 Offenbergh Bernhard  Aft 1790,,Germany I760 Offenberg 
46 Offenbergh Bernhardine  Aft 1790,,Germany I763 Offenberg 
47 Offenbergh Caspar  Aft 1790,,Germany I759 Offenberg 
48 Offenbergh Catharina  Aft 1790,,Germany I757 Offenberg 
49 Offenbergh Clara  Aft 1790,,Germany I769 Offenberg 
50 Offenbergh Franz Heinrich  4 Sep 1748,,Germany I739 Offenberg 

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Offenberg Willem  1645,,Germany I581 Offenberg 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Eskotte Marie Josephine  27 Nov 1772,,Germany I741 Offenberg 
2 Lueb Theodor  22 Dec 1871,,Germany I780 Offenberg 
3 Lueb Theodora  13 Jan 1924,,Germany I595 Offenberg 
4 Offenberg Helene Christina  23 May 1892,,Germany I668 Offenberg 
5 Offenberg Hermanus Antonius  ,,Germany I177 Offenberg 
6 Offenberg Jacobus  13 Feb 1817,,Germany I651 Offenberg 
7 Offenberg Wilhelmus  26 Oct 1844,,Germany I111 Offenberg 
8 Offenbergh Gerhard Wilhelm joseph  31 May 1769,,Germany I743 Offenberg 
9 Offenbergh Joan Bernard  23 Jan 1811,,Germany I735 Offenberg 
10 Offenbergh Maria Franzisca Bernadine  24 Dec 1799,,Germany I742 Offenberg 
11 Rost Gerhard  11 Nov 1721,,Germany I784 Offenberg 
12 Schot Henricus  1743,,Germany I635 Offenberg 

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